Garden Fruit – Gaafer Group

Our Story Start Since 1956

Fast progress for many years of steady growth

The story of Garden Fruit began after many decades of experience in the field of import and export of fresh fruits and vegetables.

It all started in 1945 when Hajj Ahmed Gaafar founded the “Gaafar Group” company to Import and trade fresh fruits and vegetables. The company was established in the heart of Alexandria’s fruit and vegetable wholesale market. After that, the experience was passed from one generation to the next, passing through Mr. Mohamed Gaafar, and eventually reaching Mr. Hazem Gaafar who founded “Garden Fruit” company in 2010.

Now we are a leading company in the field of vegetables and fruit import and export, not only in Alexandria, but all over Egypt, and we have various warehouses and cold stores with a capacity of 5000 ton in Alexandria, and other on the Cairo-Alexandria desert road. These facilities guarantee us to serve our customers with fresh fruits and guarantee continuing customer satisfaction.
Today, we make sales revenues of over 100 million Egyptian pounds inside Egypt and abroad, and we sell over 500 containers annually.

Gradually grown to become one of the oldest fruit trading companies in Egypt

As the booming agricultural export business has achieved amazing growth in Egypt in the past few years and Egypt has become a highly competitive player on the global agricultural map. We started using our extensive network of growers and packing stations. Now we export all agricultural products grown in Egypt and we have a special packaging station for some products while we pack others using the partnerships, we have with some of the largest packing stations in Egypt. Our brand name has achieved great success in Europe, and we are proud to serve destinations as far away as Australia and China.

Next Generation Continues Our Heritage