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Export has been the focus of a fresh start for Garden Fruit

Export has been the focus of a fresh start for Garden Fruit in the past few years as we have shipped several containers of Citrus to Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Now we pack all kinds of citrus in our packing station.
We also export dates, grapes, strawberries, mangoes, pomegranates, onions, garlic, lettuce, sweet potatoes, and green beans.

Every year our export team researches and plans how to add new products and new markets to our list.

We have clients that we consider partners in Europe: Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, England, Slovenia, Poland, Italy, Greece. Asia: China, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia. Australia and Brazil

Trust is the cornerstone of our business when it comes to supplying fresh produce to the entire world.
From seed on the farm to packaging materials, sorting techniques, and government-controlled logistics to offer our global partners the high-quality service they deserve, we carefully monitor our fruits.

We strive to keep our promises to our partners as this is our main asset in the world of fresh fruits.
Other than import and export to Egypt, we ship apples directly from our two sister companies in Italy and Poland to any destination in the world. We ship apples to India, Gulf countries, and some other countries.